The silver lining

If you’re a “Stuart Little” enthusiast like me, you’ll probably know what this is about. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but I basically live for the silver lining. Sometimes too much that it gets out of hand.

– I’m in the middle of a funeral, and one of the things I want to say to the family of the deceased that, well, hey, at least he doesn’t have to see all this life’s miseries anymore. But of course, who says that in a funeral?

– A humongous car accident is blocking the highway, and I’m thinking “If the passengers are alive then all else doesn’t matter, but if they’re not, at least people would know to be careful next time.”

– Some world war is happening somewhere on the globe and I’m like, if the dying people are dying for a cause, then good for them, if they’re not, then good for humanity.

– I’m performing horribly in a course, well, that’s because I’m still learning and it’s okay to make mistakes. (note: I’m only like that when the course is miserably difficult)

– I’m losing my eyesight and going oh okay, glasses are not so bad after all.

Yeah… You probably get the point now.

And I can’t deny that it provokes people sometimes. I even provoke myself sometimes with the silly linings. My mom hopelessly shakes her head when I start a sentence with, “At least..”

I can’t help it.

Is it normal to be like that? Does it even have a word- this attitude- other than hopelessly optimistic. Because, honestly I don’t think the problem is in the fact that I use a yellow hat, I think the problem is that it sometimes distracts me from the main issue that needs to be handled and responded to.

Although I tend to think of myself as a very organised, logical thinker, when I start behaving like The Littles, I just turn into a sentimental, unreasonable person.

At least I wrote about it now.


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