Of Ramadan in Egypt

It’s only been recent that I’m spending Ramadan here in Egypt, and I must admit, it isn’t like anywhere else. There are certain things that I love about Ramadan here, but I will keep those for another post.

The amount of Drama and TV shows that are showed on TV are suffocating. Every time you switch the TV on, you’re either bombarded with ads, or some silly shows, sitcoms that aren’t even funny, or ugly drama. I say ugly because everything you will hear or watch will contaminate your ears and eyes, and on the long run, your soul. This is not art. This is a hideous incarnation of what drama should be. It’s shapeless, manner-less, and pointless. Why would I want to watch a woman get raped, or equally inappropriate scenes while I fast the holy month?  Why would I want to hear all sorts of foul language, when I should be hearing Quran?

WHAT IS THE POINT behind serials and TV shows in Ramadan? If they want to entertain the population then why are they doing it in a devil-like manner? Do 90 million people really need to watch such things, given the current state of the country?

There’re allocated budgets for all these things, where does it come from? Why is all this money so inhumanely utilized? When you could spend all the money that Haifaa Wahbe earns during this month to buy new technology for a hospital or a school, when you could use all the money spent on valueless series, then why are we choking ourselves with our own hands?

We’re raising generations that don’t know the value of Ramadan and its religious and spiritual essence because of this. THIS is what ruins the souls of people. THIS is what makes us appreciate good things less. THIS shows us the worst side of us and tells us that we’re bad people who can never be better. When we actually can be better. We are good people who need the right environments to foster.

When all the episodes show the lowest and most horrid side of Egypt and its population, what does the audience think and feel?
When entire families waste precious time in Ramadan watching episodes after episodes of TV that don’t develop any morals, ethics, skills.. Heck, they even destroy the little that we have left in us!

A message to producers, directors, actors:
I, Ayah, and a lot of others, are ashamed, disappointed and angry. You’re one of the reasons this nation is not progressing. You’ve poisoned our thoughts, killed our innocence, and wasted valuable time of our life. We’re going to take a stand and soon, so it’s time you change your business objectives before we do.

To people who sit and watch all these stuff:
Don’t.  You’re not benefiting, others are not benefiting, no one is. If you continue to watch it, they will continue to produce worse. You’re important and valuable, so don’t stoop to that level. It will not do you any good.

And TV/Radio channels and newspapers that advertise for this:
If you think you’re going to get away with the fact that you just made money out of ruining our mentalities, then you’re wrong. Every time a person is negatively affected with whatever they see or hear on TV, you’re the ones responsible for it. I hope you feel better about yourselves now.


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