Midnight Rants


So..Awful summer – check

A series of unfortunate events – check check

Vacation goals – uncheck

Vacation almost over – check

Really. What was this holiday all about? Just a series of events that literally drained the life out of me.
Started out with the summer course that spanned all through Ramadan and till after Eid, during which people died, others fell sick, and the third party delivered and needed special care. And because I live with my grandparents, the house was a center for visits, calls and the like. Try programming and finishing ugly assignments in such environments. Add fasting and waking up early in this heat, and it just might be a recipe for disaster.

And so after all of THAT was done,I thought, hmm, things might start to turn up.

I was never more wrong.

We were off to North Coast immediately after my course was done. And, you’d think this was relaxing but it wasn’t. People were coming in and out, the ACs weren’t working, misunderstandings, getting workers to fix stuff around with loud equipment at awful awful times of the day, more misunderstandings. How long did that last? 2 weeks. Not bad, eh?

Returning back to Cairo, my parents decided to move houses. (Great news. NOT). Since they don’t stay in Egypt for long, they wanted to get most of the stuff done before they left. So the house was on full power trying to pack stuff etc. But THEN my parents decided to wait till next summer. So that’s 2 more weeks of work – gone with the wind.

Then there was the big happening. I was up early on one sunny morning sipping my tea and scrolling through twitter when I accidentally spilled tea on the laptop. The new one. The entire mug. And it wouldn’t work. At all. So I spend a miserable two hours trying to dry it alone, then when this failed, I took it to a repair shop. 30 minutes later, the guy gave me no hopes that it will work again. Very miserably I left it with him because he wanted to ”try something”. Till he called me and said it finally worked, I thought my life had officially ended. Because hello, new laptop? Semester approaching? Ermm DISASTER.

Then came the last part of the vacation, where I had to bear with kids all over the place (again), my grandma asking for tonnes of help around the house, doing some hectic social work everywhere. And I wake up really early so by 8:00 pm, I’m nearly dead.

I didn’t get the chance to do so many things that I’d planned to do, but overall, I’d say the summer wasn’t completely wasted. Hopefully.