Letters to Egypt (II)

I write to you, my beloved land, at a very critical time.

It is with utmost despair that I say this, but a humble citizen of yours has lost their glimmer. Their motives no longer push them forward, their dreams only remind them of the obstacles they face daily. I’m saddened by a few harsh realities that I’ve always been told but chose to ignore. I now accept these realities because there’s really no running away from them. You see, Egypt, one is at a helpless position at certain points in life, and this happened to be my point. Perhaps quite early you may argue, but it is inevitable.

Truly, I have made promises to myself. To you. But I’m afraid I’m no longer able to hope. I can only try, Egypt.

I aspired to be “it”, and we both know what that meant. I didn’t have all what it takes, but I aspired. And lost heart.

If one cannot cope or deal any longer, what could one cling to?


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