The 30-day no-makeup- challenge

I wasn’t challenged by anybody but myself to try this out. But I was starting to feel that I could use the morning time I take to apply make up to sleep. And the 30 days of having absolutely no make up on taught me more that I expected to learn. I thought it would be this playful thing that I’d try out for a week and wouldn’t be able to stand. But I can proudly say that I fully completed the 30 days and I wouldn’t mind doing more. I say this was a big thing for me in the beginning because without any makeup on, I look dead. And not just normal dead, but dead-in-the-grave-dead.

The first few days, a lot of people were asking if something was up. And I deliberately wore bright colors to emphasize that I’m absolutely fine. I had “Are you okay?”, “When did you last sleep?”, “You look tired.”, and all sorts of comments, even from my grandparents in the house.

About two weeks later, I had a family gathering in the evening, and I was very tempted to have some on. Just concealer, please I kept telling myself that day. But I gathered all the willpower in the world and went with nothing on. I also sometimes wear contact lenses if I’m going out to any place other than uni. I didn’t do that. I figured that the contacts would make my “tired” eyes pop, so I resorted to glasses.
It didn’t go very smoothly because not only was I bombarded with questions, but I was criticized and toldĀ So engineering girls really can’t take care of their appearance.

This was the first lesson I learned. People judge on appearance even when they say they don’t. And it’s up to you to let their words make you or break you. I must admit I wasn’t very happy that day but on my way home I realized that this is how I look like and no one has the right to comment on it. If they are unable to accept it, or find it amusing, then that’s their problem. I’m not at fault. In fact, I’m perfectly fine without my makeup kit. I feel fine, it’s not like I’m going around with withdrawal symptoms.

Very ironically, ALL the gifts I got for my birthday were makeup products. And this happened halfway through the month.

The other thing I noticed was that my skin was breathing more and by the end of the month I felt I was becoming more natural and worry-less about my appearance in general.
And I think that if I had any insecurities about my looks before this, then they’re now non-existent. If people can’t accept my true color then that’s none of my concern.

I was glad I was able to do this. It’s freeing, it makes you breathe and become more confident. It makes you more straightforward, honest and strong and definitely an eye-opener despite how silly it might seem.

Anyone in?