Designing a narrative game

First, moment of silence and appreciation for all the game designers out there. You people are heroes.

Here’s the link to Mine and Manar’s digital narrative game.

Few points worth mentioning:

  • It took us a a lot of time to come up with the scenarios. It took us a whole lot more to put the idea of the symbols to use. Google Forms is not made for this, so it was an added hassle. (No offense to Google)
  • The name of the game is undecided yet.
  • We wanted to have different conclusions for the different scenarios but we ran out of time. We put a general final conclusion page but I suppose we will be refining that further
  • I can already spot some weak points after I’ve previewed the game a few times, but I’ll hold my judgement till I receive feedback from others.
  • Some slides which were supposed to have statistics and information are empty, we will still add the data to them, but we know for a fact that this section will have info
  • We’re still working on visuals. I do realize that the game lacks colors.
  • Some scenarios have a conclusion which is kind of abrupt, need help with that as well.
  • Also the call for action links weren’t placed yet, although we plan to have them somewhere in the conclusion

3 thoughts on “Designing a narrative game”

  1. Hi!!! (Again~)

    Just finished playing through the prototype of your game and I want to say that I think it has a lot of potential. I liked the choices I had to make–they’re very “between a rock and a hard place”. Like, neither answer is ideal. I think that captures the reality of the situation you’re trying to bring awareness to with your work.
    I wish you could incorporate pictures with your symbols on them (can you do that in Google forms??? If so, that might be a way to work around not being able to input the actual new text you’ve created into the form). For example, I think it would communicate your point all that much more to have a sample of what the children’s homework looks like to the illiterate mother. Like, just how much of it can she not interpret or understand?
    Other than the image thing, I think the structure of your game is effective. It’s communicating just how difficult it is to navigate life when you can’t “read” life.

    I’m excited to see a more finished prototype or the final product! 🙂

    Best of luck,


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and for trying the game. I agree that more pictures will make the game more “playable” and I sure will do so very soon.
      I want to link things like for example if the game player is female and decides to join a literacy class then she can see the same things that her children were learning and can then make connections.
      Hopefully by Thursday you’ll see a more polished version. 🙂

      Thank you once again for the help!


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