Non-complementary Behavior

I listened to this podcast in the car on my way to a place, and was shook by it. The story about the Danish police was impressive. It made me think a lot about the things we create ourselves, with the labels that we use and accusations that we throw. Meeting anger and extremism with love, is challenging, because for a moment, you run the risk of being vulnerable to someone who is potentially harmful.

A similar thing happened to me once, and I remember that story because I was listening to the podcast while driving. I was driving and a car from behind bumped into me. It was partly my fault because I slowed to a stop kind of suddenly, but the driver behind me could have easily avoided it as the road wasn’t crowded.

What happened next was that she was out of her car, screaming to the top of her lungs and banging her fist on my window so hard. I was honestly shook, and scared. Haha. I gathered myself, unlocked my door and went out calmly. She was still shouting, and people were starting to stare and gather. There wasn’t a real damage to any of our cars but seeing her scream like that, I thought something else might have happened and I just didn’t know. What I decided to do that moment, was something I wouldn’t naturally do, but I decided to try anyway.

Me: Ohmygosh, I’m so sorry, are you okay? Do I call a doctor or an ambulance?
Her: *staring at me blankly*
Me: Oh God, I’m so sorry, here, *I quickly pull out my water bottle and hand it to her* have some water.
(I can swear that her facial expression relaxed)
Me again: You know, don’t worry about the car, I’ll take care of any fixes, the most important thing is that you’re okay.
Her: No, no it’s.. *she looks at her car* it’s minor actually.. no need.. Thank you though .. I’m fine..
Me: Oh no it’s okay.. If you’re not feeling well I can give you a ride..
Her: *smiles* no, no. *turns to leave while saying to herself eh el nas el tefre7 di 3al sob7*  (couldn’t translate that- sorry)

I honestly was about to dance after this. I was terrified about the fact that she was so angry, and was afraid that the damage would be expensive to fix.. Also that it was partly my fault.. After hearing the podcast, I remembered this, I remembered saying sorry, like the cop said to Jamal, and I remembered that this was one of most unusual reactions ever.. In fact, the most non-complimentary behavior I’ve ever done.


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