Being “airy”

My calm obsessions and cute rants

The one thing that brought about a trail of issues for me.

Let me first do some breaking down:

According to this article, (which I hope is reliable), being moody and having bipolar disorder are two distinct things. Being moody is affected by situations, or events, while being bipolar means that a person experiences a roller coaster of emotions without any changes in their surroundings or circumstances.

Two other salient aspects of the moody vs. bipolar discussion involve mood intensity and duration. If you’re not bipolar but having a rough time with moodiness, you’ll likely find that your mood intensity is lower than someone with bipolar disorder. Even more relevant than intensity is the issue of mood duration..[…] But if you’re truly bipolar then you’ve had episodes of fairly acute depression which at some point have lasted two weeks or more. Additionally, you’ve seen elevated mood that has lasted…

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