Grades Phase – a more optimistic approach

So now that the exam phase is over, it’s time for the grades phase. And to be honest, I was quite disappointed with my performance in 3 out of the 6 courses that I’m doing this semester. HOWEVER, this time I’m going to take some strong protective measures in preparation for the next upcoming exam phase. Read on because I believe I have compiled a very compact and intense midterm-prep-list. (Hopefully I’ll be able to  write another post proving that it worked for me.)

1- Seeing the performance
And by this I mean requesting to see your own paper with the professor and actually knowing what went wrong and how their grading criteria is. Do they give marks for working? Do they need to see final answers even if incorrect? Do they just need to see knowledge and understanding through working? Sit with them and calmly go over each and every mistake in the paper and mark very well the type of errors that you fell into.

2- Making a report
Make a report about your performance. For example I noticed that I made various mistakes on questions that require a derivation or a proof. So I wrote in my report that these questions need to be worked on during the studying period. There was also another problem with establishing relationships between graphs for one of my courses, so I went home that same day and watched tutorials and actually solved questions on the topic. You have to resolve issues quickly before you forget that you even have them. Before the next midterm comes, you have to have highlighted your problems and worked on solving them.
So make a report about each and every course and the areas you need to work on improving, then, on the last page of the report, write down goals for the next midterms, write about your overall performance, what mistakes you shouldn’t have fallen into, which mistakes were silly and which ones were major. You get the point.

3- Practice makes perfect
The most cliche but the most true statement of all time. The more you “solve” the better you become. I, for example, have 70+ questions at the end of each chapter in my Linear signals and systems course. I can’t do all 70 night before the exam because:
a) I won’t study any other chapter
b) I will not sleep
SO, I have decided to divide the questions into daily portions. So that if I manage to finish all the questions for all the chapters coming in the midterm, I’d have time to ask about the ones that I couldn’t solve. And this is immensely important. Allocating time to get your questions answered. Plan ahead of time so that you compile all the concepts and questions that you got stuck in, and get them answered before the assessment/test.
This applies for assignments but for assignments I’d like to add a key tip. START the assignment the day it’s posted. And divide the assignment in portions and again make sure you finish before the due date so that you have time to ask about the stuff you couldn’t solve. I usually start assignments a day or two before the due date and this is very wrong because yes, I tackle all assignment questions alone, but if I happened to get stuck, I know the timing is tight and so I either copy the answers from somewhere or leave them blank. Learning outcome: big fat zero. So yes, I’m working on this too.

4- Revising with a friend
Arrange for a review session with friends, and if you can arrange a session with the teaching assistant of the course, even better. I’ve only realized recently that they’re important because when you explain or go over the material with your friend, the info sort of sticks there, and likewise the other way around. Top tip: divide the material between you and let each person explain their material on the review day.

5- Utilize your best potential
I have a picture memory, and you’d say it’s an excellent trait, but it doesn’t really help me much because there’s nothing to memorize in my courses. However, I use this memory when I write my own notes while studying. Whether it’s a formula or a proof or a solving strategy. The drawback with picture memory however is that you either see the picture in your mind as you solve during the exam, or you don’t. So exert some effort in looking at the notes/equations for a long enough time. Make sure you use all your senses in class and while studying. The more the better.

6- Don’t take things for granted
So you can solve systematic questions really well. That does NOT mean you practice them less. Professors love twisting easy questions, and so if you’re good at something, make sure you’re REALLY good at it and know it from the inside out.

7- Lifestyle during and before exams
And this tip actually worked for me already. Exercise, healthy food, moderate amounts of sleep, and doing any one thing that you really enjoy doing once or twice during the week. These 4 will not only change your mindset, but will help you organize your day better, and become more productive.

Having said that, I will do what I preach and hopefully write another post after my second wave of midterms.

The cycle that never ends.

This is going to be a somewhat unhappy post, but it’s reality and it happens with a large number of students. If you’re a teacher, I beg you to read on, if you’re a student, you will relate on some level.

So I’ve been in this for almost 2 weeks now. It’s a dreadful cycle that drains me out of everything that I love or enjoy doing. It’s inevitable and it’s recurring, painful and challenging. Yes, I speak of exams. My almost 2 weeks of sitting through one midterm after the other had made me feel basically like a lifeless corpse. My desk is a pile of notes and check-lists and assignments that are deferred because I’m studying and just everything is here and there.

I’m not going to talk about that, however, or my lack of sleep, or my depressed state because I believe it happens and that no one can lead a perfect life all the time.

I speak of assessment methods, and rewards/punishments. Because, I have to admit, I learn quite a lot during the time of exams. About myself, about the type of mistakes that I normally and abnormally fall into and so on. This is great, but when my future is at stake, I’m a bit worried that my learning experience has its drawbacks. When I almost fail an exam, okay yes, I’ve learned not to do the mistakes, but I’ve also lost almost 10% of my grade.

Why aren’t there learning techniques that are more rewarding? Why are assessment methods so risky and put students on edge? Why do I, and a lot of students, study hard and exert so much effort only to find that the exams are on a different level or that we need to score a high grade to ensure not failing? Why do I have to go through the midterms week stressed, depressed, sleepless and worst of all demotivated and frustrated, that despite my efforts the expected results aren’t coming? Why?

I must also admit that the culture puts a lot of stress on “grades” and “scores” and this is why the student population does not enjoy learning. Because all they’re focused on, is how to get As. I know people who finish courses they know nothing about. Literally. What is the point behind anything inside the scope of academics if it’s not to help the student learn without all this pressure? Aren’t there more interesting ways to teach students time management, and stress-handling? If universities and schools keep threatening to tease the students’ scores in such a manner, given the importance of grades in the environment we live in, then no learning will ever happen. 

I’m immensely disappointed that education has reached this far. And I mean education in Egypt, because that’s what I’ve actually seen.
When public universities have an extremely high threshold of grades for entering, without having any other criteria but high school scores what does this show? What if they asked students to do certain hours of community service, or presenting a handmade project or a new idea or anything in life, apart from academics, wouldn’t there be actual change in attitudes? (Provided that there’s no corruption and students actually do the community work)

I just hope that I live to do something about this, because if it continues, we’re going to be having seriously materialistic generations who are selfish and indifferent towards learning.

On marriage and relationships

Yeah yeah, who am I to speak of either of these when I lack experience, I know I know. But let’s talk reason here. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Marriage – the phenomena that unspeakably fails..

In Egypt (and in many other places but I speak of Egypt because I’ve seen it) there are two “types” of marriages: arranged and love. Both of which put too much financial stress on the groom and his family, but we’re not on about this now.

Arranged marriages or gawaz el salonat are ones that parents have the initiative in. So basically the mother’s friend’s friend has a cousin who they think will be compatible with you so they decide to have a mini gathering. So they sit you down and tell you to be nice and polite to see the suitor. Do they ask you if you WANT to get married? Pssht, of course you do. Even if you don’t want, you do. You have to want to get married. It’s your job in life. Of course when you say later on that you’re not compatible they blame you for not making that clear from the start and you’ve now caused major awkwardness between the mother’s friend’s friend’s cousin and your mother.

IF, and  that’s a bit unlikely, you want to be married in an arranged way, good for you sister! Maybe this guy will be yours in the end. Let’s hope he was in favour of the idea too.

If  you want to have a love marriage, read on till the relationships section.

If you’re independent and choose not to waste your precious life on drama (THANK YOU), then you’re pretty sane if you ask me. Can you stand a day without your parents? Or your mom’s yummy food? or your dad spoiling you all the time?
Honestly I can’t. I can’t stand the thought of having to drag someone into my decisions or seek approval before anything. What if I suddenly decide to travel alone? Or spend a few days relaxing somewhere? Or move and live in another city? Or Just.. space. Talk about suffocating. What if you discover he has the most annoying habits ever? Habits that you didn’t know about during your engagement.
Not to mention having to deal with his family. They’re annoying. 90% of the time. Like it or not, you will be missing quality time with your parents because you’re with you’re partner’s side. WHY? Why do you want to go through this? When you could be having the comfort food of your life in the middle of the night with movies on and messy hair.
I’ll skip fights and disagreements because they could potentially happen anywhere, but do I really need to waste my time in fights when I could be not fighting in the first place?
And then the main reason why marriage is such a bummer. Career. Most of the time, it goes down the drain once your married. Add kids to the recipe, and any chances of progress are null.Of course exceptions happen but generally nah. Any dreams or priorities that you had will be reorganized to suit your married life. Again, I say why?
I think marriage is crippling in so many ways and on so many levels.
Oh and by the way, nothing lasts, so by the time you’re married with old kids, you would’ve lost enthusiasm towards each other. I mean you’ve been together for more than a decade. Expect boredom at some point.
Read this conversation between a man and a woman. It basically sums everything up.

As for you love birds who claim that your love will last a lifetime and that your marriage will be blissful, I hate to burst your bubble. Many people fail after marriage because they bump into real life experiences that love can’t do anything about.
(Oh and please, it disgusts me to watch you hold hands and be all lovey-dovey in public. Cut it out. It’s pollution)
Let’s say you’re a mature couple who want to get married. If her parents are flexible and understanding enough, the finances will be shared, everything might go well, but I mean after reading what I said earlier are you still eager for laundry and cooking and running a house?

Last but not least, 6 reasons why being in a relationship sucks:
1- The one and only, freedom.
Don’t try to convince me that you own your time and space. Your partner has some demands and some dos and don’ts. Before disappearing off for weeks, you at least need to let him know. It’s sad, eh?
2- It wastes your time
You’re either texting them, on the phone with them, out with them, or planning something that has to do with them. You could be sleeping, eating, out and about, doing all your hobbies,  studying to get to college or graduate from it. Just saying.
3- Fights
In the beginning it’s just cute fights and one of you is jealous etc.. But it gets unbelievably suffocating later. And it sucks your energy, wastes your time and makes you miserable.
4- Disappointment
Everything has the potential to happen. Yeah, you trust your partner, but you never really know what’s happening behind the scenes.
Constantly wanting to know where they are and having to take care of them if they’re sick or thinking of the future or any insecurities that pop up in the middle.
6- Compromise
It’s inevitable. Some way or another you will have to do it. (OR you could be single and have it all your way)

ANYWAY, whether you’re single or not, have a nice life but this is just me and what I think.

Manuscript writing, college and unfinished to-do lists


*Rubs hands together*

Right, so let’s start with the happy news because I intend to make this post an optimistic one.
Writing a book is so very different than blogging or writing short pieces because I’m getting the chance to give my characters dimension and character that sort of is supposed to develop throughout the plot.
So it’s not like what I do on Tumblr or like any short story I’ve ever written. I dream of getting something published and out to the world, although I didn’t have any training on the technicalities of story telling and manuscript writing before so I feel that a lot of things lack in my current writing. Nevertheless, I do my very best to write a portion every week. Speaking of doing my best, the courses I’m taking this semester are purely engineering so it’s kind of crippling because I barely have time for anything. Just saying.

But again, this is an optimistic post, so engineering and its ugliness aside.

I’ve also been brainstorming recently about bicycle lanes and trying to market the use of bicycles in Cairo to minimize traffic.


This quote that I came across was the turning point because I’m one of those people who complained of traffic without realizing that I’m one of the causes of it. (Yes, I take the bus to AUC but still, eventually I get from point A to B via a car)
So at this moment, I’m not doing much other than observation. (If you took a creativity & problem solving course you’d know what I’m saying) haha.

I’ve also learned a new craft which is bracelet-making, and so this is one of  the highlights because it’s really fun and looks super cute when it’s finished. I have one in front of me which is halfway finished because again, college happened.

2015082415290420150824152904 (1)20150824145246

The not-so-happy news is that I don’t have time for a lot of reading nowadays so I keep them for vacations or just procrastinate them till after I graduate or something.

Iteration #19 : The Two Spheres – Shine or Learn?

This is what I’ve actually wanted to write about.
Although I’m surrounded by geniuses I’m not very challenged because I have this constant insecurity that I won’t reach their level. However, if I’m surrounded by people who are less shiny, it gives me some motivation and it pushes me to shine more and perfect whatever I’m doing.


There are 2 distinct spheres. The “I-Shine-because-I-am-surrounded-by-people-less-shiny-than-myself” sphere versus the “I-play-defensive-and-learn-everyday-because-I-am-surrounded-by-Geniuses” sphere.

At this very moment in your life, in which sphere would you like to be, and which one are you really in?

If picking the Shining sphere seems to be the right move : staying in your comfort zone will keep you Shiny, you’ll be the best, but for how long? How will you fuel your motivation, without any higher goals to reach? Can you create and keep creating challenges? Leadership will be handy here.

If picking the Geniuses Sphere was your first idea : you’ll play defensive, you won’t try to shine too quickly because you know these Geniuses will take you down easily. But you will learn, and you will be surrounded by knowledge and motivation. You are one of them and you will be constantly challenged. Follower’s skills will make you shine here, at least until…

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Beginning of semester vibes

A normal college student would think the beginning of the semester would mark the beginning of  fresh start.. Or newly joined clubs/activities or meeting new people. Or whatever. But it would mean SOMETHING to them.

This semester started with facing a whole new wave of registration dilemmas. Like every semester, finding a place in classes is virtually impossible. I’m not applying into new clubs/NGOs since they aren’t any appealing and if you’re an Electronics engineer then that’s another reason. I’ve seen the very close friends that I have already before the semester began, I’ve had a fabulous refreshing summer – read previous post – and everything is pretty perfect.

I’m NEVER this pessimistic but as soon as I look at my schedule and remember the courses I’m doing this semester, I’m flooded with emotions of exasperation. The fact that I’ll be waking up early, coming home late with tonnes to do just makes my heart sink. Honestly, is everyone like me? Or is it just me?

Would I have felt any better if my courses all started/ended with the word writing? Or the type of assignments that I had to do involved reading classics, or reflecting on published stuff.

I honestly don’t know, and I don’t want to. Maybe it’s the dread that comes along at the beginning of each semester and just subsides when my endurance level grows midterm after midterm after midterm.

So for now, I’ll just resort to saying that I really HOPE that it’s a temporary feeling of unease that’ll go away with time.

On another note, writing contests coming up – so yay.

AND finally blogging on Tumblr after making an oath to bring it back to life. Haha.

Midnight Rants


So..Awful summer – check

A series of unfortunate events – check check

Vacation goals – uncheck

Vacation almost over – check

Really. What was this holiday all about? Just a series of events that literally drained the life out of me.
Started out with the summer course that spanned all through Ramadan and till after Eid, during which people died, others fell sick, and the third party delivered and needed special care. And because I live with my grandparents, the house was a center for visits, calls and the like. Try programming and finishing ugly assignments in such environments. Add fasting and waking up early in this heat, and it just might be a recipe for disaster.

And so after all of THAT was done,I thought, hmm, things might start to turn up.

I was never more wrong.

We were off to North Coast immediately after my course was done. And, you’d think this was relaxing but it wasn’t. People were coming in and out, the ACs weren’t working, misunderstandings, getting workers to fix stuff around with loud equipment at awful awful times of the day, more misunderstandings. How long did that last? 2 weeks. Not bad, eh?

Returning back to Cairo, my parents decided to move houses. (Great news. NOT). Since they don’t stay in Egypt for long, they wanted to get most of the stuff done before they left. So the house was on full power trying to pack stuff etc. But THEN my parents decided to wait till next summer. So that’s 2 more weeks of work – gone with the wind.

Then there was the big happening. I was up early on one sunny morning sipping my tea and scrolling through twitter when I accidentally spilled tea on the laptop. The new one. The entire mug. And it wouldn’t work. At all. So I spend a miserable two hours trying to dry it alone, then when this failed, I took it to a repair shop. 30 minutes later, the guy gave me no hopes that it will work again. Very miserably I left it with him because he wanted to ”try something”. Till he called me and said it finally worked, I thought my life had officially ended. Because hello, new laptop? Semester approaching? Ermm DISASTER.

Then came the last part of the vacation, where I had to bear with kids all over the place (again), my grandma asking for tonnes of help around the house, doing some hectic social work everywhere. And I wake up really early so by 8:00 pm, I’m nearly dead.

I didn’t get the chance to do so many things that I’d planned to do, but overall, I’d say the summer wasn’t completely wasted. Hopefully.