The common misconception

I must admit that I’ve always had this romantic idea of creativity in my mind. Reading this article, I realized that what I thought was a myth; that creativity is not this moment were everything magically pieces itself and comes into existence.

I thought creativity was a God-given gift, and that it was somehow not granted to the mass. I thought people like Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo had super powers or abilities that I, Ayah, could never attain.

But I was wrong. These people, yes, had talent, but it took them a lot of persistent hard work to get to where they were.

To come up with these amazing harmonies, Mozart worked – yes, worked – day and night, struggled and faced problems. Things weren’t always bright and sunny for him, and people of the time (including me before reading the article) certainly overlooked that.

This gives me hope too that – although it is challenging- coming up with something creative, is achievable, if one works hard enough without a fear of failure; because people we now call great, are human. They make mistakes, they’re flawed, we all are. But they used everything that they had, they set their goals clearly in front of them and made their way to the top, genuinely, with very little sparks of inspiration or outlandish moments of eureka.

And I think everyone should see creativity in this light, to have the motivation to accomplish anything in life.
If society keeps painting an image of creativity as sudden outbursts of novel and amazing ideas, the essence of creativity will be lost. Take people who were responsible for great leaps in technology, do you think they just dreamt it into existence? Probably not. These once so-called “crazy” ideas, are ones that we can’t live without now. It took a lot of perseverance and will to bring these ideas into the light.

We have to stop looking at one side of the story only. The people in this video are well-known to us as excellent and successful, yes, but on the other hand, we must keep in mind that they failed, got rejected and went through many difficulties in the process.


Pave your way to creativity: start from YOU!

A lot of times, people think you need to go through radical change to become creative, when in fact you have all what it takes to be creative, you just have to expose it!

As children, we often questioned everyone everything, we wanted to know how the world worked, and this is one of the things we ought to bring back in ourselves. It’s so important that we don’t suppress questioning anything that we are unaware of. Not only that, but we have to ask several people and employ different methods when it comes to answering the crazy questions in our mind. This way we’ll be able to see things from different angles, we’ll hear different opinions and experience different reactions. And once we have this, generation of creative ideas becomes more likely.

As we grow, we start developing ‘what-if’ scenarios, and this is actually very beneficial. Apart from theories and proven facts, we should and are capable of challenging the norms, and coming up with improved answers .

But keep in mind that for us to come with better solutions for problems, we have to be intrigued to do so. A part of being creative is having an itching desire to make complimentary changes. This should be accompanied by a positive spirit, so that it’s an experience to enjoy.

Speaking of positive spirits, do we know that approaching a problem with a certain mindset, can alter the way we come up with creative solutions? Do we realize that confidently tackling problems, knowing that one way or another, that problem could be solved, is actually a part of the solution? This could include viewing unusual, poor ideas or even problems in a way that enhances their potential, in a manner that is accepting and that looks for what is good about them, because many a times we can extract ideas that may grow to become spectacular and useful. And even if we do fall into errors, we mustn’t feel negatively about it. On the contrary, it’s a great opportunity to know how we’re progressing and what we’re lacking.

So let’s not fear problems! Let’s face them with an open heart and an open mind, with enthusiasm and optimism that through solving problems we are really making a positive change that will ripple, affect everyone around us and leave a mark in the world. Let’s take the idea of creativity to a whole new level!

To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” – Osho