Letters to Egypt (I)


To the land where martyrs are buried, and rice is grown.
To the land where heroes come in all names and forms, where faith is engraved in the souls of the weak and miracles happen in the corners of alleys.

Greetings, Egypt, from the heart of one of your humble citizens.

I’m writing to you with sorrow and gratitude, unhappiness and hope; a mixture of emotions that I have yet to discover.

I apologize on the behalf of myself, and perhaps others for what we have done. I apologize for every time I underestimated my role, for every time I didn’t throw garbage in the right place, for misrepresenting you. I’m also sorry I’m not responsible enough, not proactive enough, not generous enough. I apologize for every chance, every moment, every time I didn’t give back to you what you well and truly deserve. I’m sorry for taking you for granted. For assuming you will continue to forgive me, and warmly welcome me in your arms every time I leave and come back. I’m sorry for not being with you during calamities and times of grief. I’m ashamed that we’ve gotten this far.

I’m however grateful, that you continue to give me chances, till this day to make amends. To become a better person and learn despite what we have become. I’m grateful for your people, your genuine,thoroughbred people, the ones who still smile, who help out and expect no return, who wear their faith on their sleeve. I’m grateful for your Ramadan evenings, your Eid mornings, your classic songs,your beautiful mosques. I’m blessed and heart-warmed by your stubbornness to stay, and your patience to always give.

Yours truly,
A humble citizen


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